LNOI PIC Foundry Services

  • ELENA ambition is to establish the first European open-access LNOI PIC foundry. The entire ELENA consortium is working towards this goal.
  • The CONSORTIUM page informs you about the role of each partner and how ELENA activities come together.
  • In the meantime, ELENA coordinator CSEM offers a pre-commercial foundry service for LNOI PICs, serving prototyping and R&D projects. Access is open to the entire photonics industry and academic researchers worldwide. CSEM already exported LNOI chips to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, and the ELENA consortium is looking forward to expand the LNOI PIC end-user group worldwide. Through this service, PIC designers not only get access to ELENA current LNOI process design kit (PDK), but also have the flexibility to devise customised components and circuits that comply with the fabrication design rules.

To get access to our LNOI PIC PDK :